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Blaine McClellan, RN

Bravo Aesthetics LLC

Hi, I am Blaine. I am a native Texan. I grew up and was raised just north of Dallas in the small town of The Colony. After finishing high school I jumped around all over the different areas in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex. I finally settled down in Ellis County with my wife and two children. Prior to opening Bravo Aesthetics, I spent several years working at large major hospitals within the metroplex such as Baylor University Medical Center, UT Southwestern and Harris Methodist in Fort Worth. I even some time in Boston, Massachusetts working with pediatrics at Boston Children’s Hospital. I brought my family back to Texas to be closer to the rest of our family while my kids grow up, and for the simple fact that Texas is the place on earth to live! I decided to open Bravo Aesthetics because I wanted to work closer with those who want to match how great the feel on the inside to what they see on the outside. We all need to take care of ourselves to look and feel our best. Proper integration between wellness and aesthetics are key. I love being the bridge for people to obtain their goals on looking and feeling their best!

3711 Ovilla Rd

Ovilla, TX 75154

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There's better. There's the best. Then there's Bravo!




3711 Ovilla Rd

Ovilla, TX 75154

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