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NeoWell Aesthetics Group

NeoWell Aesthetics Group's Full  Program

Experience the ultimate aesthetic training program with our immersive full program. Dive deep into continuous education, participate in professional photoshoots, attend business & sales classes, and more! Access your personalized webpage and receive ongoing medical oversight throughout your journey.

See why NeoWell is trusted by both aesthetic injectors and models

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Full  Program Details

Embark on a comprehensive journey of professional development with our all-encompassing training program. Gain practical experience, deep dive into product knowledge, and master business, sales, and marketing strategies. Enhance your professional image with exclusive photoshoots, continuously expand your skills with our open-class policy, and manage client relationships with ease. Benefit from unparalleled support in business and sales, along with access to discounted products.

Join us to embark on a journey of growth, learning, and professional development. Let's unlock your potential together!

Comprehensive Training Program

Continuous Education

Professional Photoshoots

Business, Sales Classes & Support

Personalized Webpage

Full Program Features:

Preview our Current Classes!

Full Face Consultations

Master the art of comprehensive facial assessments and consultations in this full-day course. Participants will engage in didactic learning followed by hands-on training to develop essential skills for effective client consultations.

Why are full face consultations important?

Mastering full face consultations is paramount for aesthetic injectors as it enables comprehensive assessment of the patient's facial anatomy, skin quality, and aesthetic goals. By understanding the entire face, injectors can develop personalized treatment plans tailored to address multiple concerns while ensuring harmonious and balanced results. Thorough consultations also mitigate risks, educate patients about treatment options, and build trust, rapport, and long-term relationships. This approach maximizes aesthetic outcomes, patient satisfaction, and safety, positioning the injector as a trusted advisor in the patient's ongoing aesthetic journey.

Schedule: Start Time 9:00am - End Time 2:00pm


Number of Models: 1-2

Key Topics Covered:

  • Understanding the importance of thorough facial assessments and consultations.

  • Exploring effective communication strategies to understand client goals and expectations.

  • Learning to identify suitable treatment options and develop personalized treatment plans.

  • Gaining insights into budget discussions, managing client expectations, and building trust and rapport.

Learning From Home

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Feature Spotlight: April Single Session Trainings

Looking for individual aesthetic training? Explore our upcoming single session classes in an intimate setting, hand-on experience guaranteed, live models provided, and a variety of classes.

Feel better. Look better. Live better!

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