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NeoWell Aesthetics Group

NeoWell Aesthetics Group's Online Curriculum

Propel your aesthetics career with online courses, downloadable resources, certificates upon completion, and support from the most comprehensive aesthetics training facility in the world.

2024 Kick-Start Offer ✨

2024 Limited-Time Exclusive Offer:

BUNDLE [Facial Anatomy + Managing Complications]

About Our Program

NeoWell Aesthetics Group's online curriculum provides comprehensive courses covering Facial Anatomy, Managing Complications, Navigating Full Face Consultations, Dermal Filler Basics, and Neuromodulators Basics, and more to come!


Designed to accommodate individual learning preferences, students can progress at their own pace. NeoWell is committed to making aesthetic education accessible to all, ensuring that aspiring professionals can confidently and easily enter the industry.

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Why NeoWell?

Learn from innovation and sought-after industry leaders.

Complete the online courses at your own pace.

Access state of the art resources created in collaboration with our instructors

Connect with a community of eager students and dedicated instructors to spark questions and discussions.

View Our Current Courses Below!

Course Options


Facial Anatomy

Facial anatomy is the foundation of amazing results as an injector. Knowing your anatomy will allow you to work with your clients’ natural facial structure and ensure you’re providing the safest outcome for your clients!


Learn how facial structures work together and change with time and age.

Identify where crucial vessels are and how to approach high risk areas.

Practice mapping out anatomy and injection techniques on your very own mannequin doll that we’ll provide.

See why NeoWell is trusted by both aesthetic injectors and models

Learning From Home

Ready to Begin Your Aesthetic Journey? 

Enroll now and take the first step towards a successful career in aesthetics with NeoWell Aesthetics Group!

Feel the confidence, gain the knowledge, and step into a brighter future with NeoWell Aesthetics Group Online Curriculum!

Feature Spotlight: March Single Session Trainings

Looking for individual aesthetic training? Explore our upcoming single session classes in an intimate setting, hand-on experience guaranteed, live models provided, and a variety of classes.

Feel better. Look better. Live better!

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